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Accept, Love, Grow


True healing requires transformation. Why? Because if we refuse to see what is not working in our lives we can block our own ability to heal. Not “seeing” means that change isn’t possible. Change only comes when we can admit that something isn’t working and most probably hasn’t been working in a very long time. That doesn’t mean we become complacent about where we are, but that we acknowledge the dysfunction that already exists. That’s acceptance and it is the first stage of healing.

Love follows acceptance. It is the main task of the spiritual journey and is what makes healing possible. Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs, the desire to experience love is part of the human quest for wholeness. We desire to love and be loved. Forgiveness is that love in action. Without forgiveness of self (especially), and others where appropriate, we remain locked in our “right” to be sick. We live in the midst of that dysfunction and consider it normal. When we admit it isn’t normal, and accept that it isn’t working, we need to make peace with ourselves for letting it be there for so long. That’s self-forgiveness and it opens the door for genuine healing.

Growth is the process of letting go and moving on so new life can emerge. Something always must be released so there is room for something else to be gained. Growth is the natural consequence of love. Why? Forgiveness makes growth possible, because it makes space for a new point of view to be realized. That’s transformation-letting change happen so wholeness can be restored. It’s really that simple: When we love, we heal.